What Happens when Good and Great Leadership Conjoin?

The world tends toward continuums. Hot and cold have warm and cool along the way. Big and small have all manner of magnitude in the middle. Even black and white have hues between. Winter, spring, summer, and fall represent varying points along a gradual scale marking...

The Return of the Larger than Life Leader

Inevitably and rightly so, a New Year summons reflection. What happened, why it happened, and what can be done about it will be a prevalent theme. The focus is typically on specific events, as specific events allow for clear diagnoses, prognoses, and prescriptions....

The return to the larger than life leader

Humanity’s history is a struggle for freedom to choose who are our leaders, what the law shall govern, how we can worship, where we can travel, how we conduct ourselves, and with whom we associate. Despite our relentless pursuit of self-determination — the long march...

4 Self-Improvement Myths That May Be Holding You Back

Advice on how to improve one’s self is everywhere. It accounts for about 2.5% of all book sales in the United States. Add in speeches, training programs, TV programs, online-products, coaches, yoga, and the like, self-help is a $10 billion industry per year, and...

Why Do CEOs Like Chipotle’s Overstay Their Welcome?

Chief executives are expected to instinctively know how to lead and when to leave their company. Balancing the tension between leading and leaving requires an executive who has deep empathy of workplace rhythms and a showman’s instinct for timing.

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