Executive Consulting Services

When Dr. James R. Bailey is not overseeing leadership research or presiding over graduate students in the classroom, he is providing management consulting services to senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies.
Executive Program Design

  • Work with the firm’s learning officers to identify the needs of target audiences.
  • Collaborate to create a Learning Arc©  that knits the intent of the firm with the needs of the target audience in a coherent manner.
  • Ensure optimization of program flow and cumulative outcomes.
  • Build appropriate content, including business elements and developmental experiences from internal and outside sources.
  • Staff program with relevant outside experts as necessary.
  • Manage all delivery elements of the program in partnership with the firm’s representatives.
  • Create outcome measures to evaluate program quality.
Executive Instruction and Speaking
  • Serve as speaker or instructor to complement existing firm programs.
  • Serve as keynote speaker for all range of events.
Organizational Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Determine the elements of an organizational assessment with the relevant firm officers.
  • Gather and analyze data using the full range of available or customized tools on topics like:
    • Structure
    • Communication channels
    • Job descriptions
    • Performance metrics
    • Performance appraisals
    • Employee satisfaction
    • Team functioning
    • Well-being
    • Culture
  • Combine data to generate an Organizational Well Being© report.


Case Writing

  • Collaborate with relevant firm officers to write an entirely customized case around a critically important organizational event, person or challenge.
  • Determine how that case can serve as an enduring Teaching Platform© to orient new staff, instruct staff being promoted to supervisory positions, and reinforce central organizational values.
Strategy Engagement
  • Analyze current strategy for alignment with organizational and departmental tactics.
  • Partner with firm to conduct a customized SWOT analysis.
  • Collaborate to revise current, or craft new, mission statement.
  • Suggest specific action steps to align strategy and operations
  • Build performance metrics used to determine success of strategic implementation

Lessons on Leadership is headquartered on the campus of The George Washington University, Funger Hall, Suite 315 2201 G Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037

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